Overcoming Grief; You Can’t Hold On So Tight That You Never Have to Let Go

Two endless weeks of clinging to and praying for her beloved sister, Suzan Ziglar Witmeyer, as she struggled to live, taught Julie Ziglar Norman that you can’t hold on so tight that you never have to let go.

When Suzan died of pulmonary fibrosis at the age of 46, the Ziglar family began a grief journey that continues to this day.  Zig journaled and his writing and Julie’s editing became the book Confessions of a Grieving Christian.  That book resulted in the ministry of GriefShare inviting Zig and Jean to share with individuals via DVD presentations in churches across the nation how they embraced their grief.  It also resulted in Julie being invited to share her experience, strength and hope with grieving families.

If your group needs to hear an inspiring message of encouragement, love and hope, call on Julie today and learn how the Ziglar family copes with their greatest loss.