A Sense of Humor

My father, Zig Ziglar, has always had an incredible sense of humor.  He loves playing harmless pranks on his family and even though we all know that, he occasionally slips one by us.  That he slipped one by me for almost 50 years is a record, though!  I recently learned from my sister Cindy that my father was the “bad guy” who scared us and our spend-the-night buddies by scratching the window screen with his fingers and making noises outside when it was very late at night.

When we’d see the hand on the window screen or hear the noise we’d all go screaming and running down the hall toward my parents’ room, yelling that somebody was trying to break in.  Suddenly, Daddy would appear from outside with a big butcher knife in his hand and say that he’d heard it too and had chased the culprit down the street but he’d gotten away.  My sister and I would run to hug him and thank him for being so brave.  It’s easy to see how this only encouraged him to give us repeat performances!

I am amazed that I am just now finding this out….but I must say that I am glad I believed my father was so incredibly brave that he’d go outside in the dark of night with only a butcher knife to protect his family from intruders.  All of my life I felt incredibly safe in his presence, and I still do.


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One Response to A Sense of Humor

  1. Angel Diaz November 10, 2010 at 11:00 pm #

    Dear Julie,

    I just wanted to write you and your father a “quick” note. I tried submitting this message before but I get an error message. I shared this note on Ziglar.com tonight as well just in case it doesn’t go through.

    I saw you and your father at the Get Motivated seminar yesterday, Tuesday, 11/9/10, at the United Center in Chicago.

    I don’t attend motivational seminars and I’ve never read your father’s books, but I’ve seen a couple Youtube videos and just absolutely loved them. He is of course a legend and I’ve known about Zig Ziglar since I was a child. I’m 37 years old now and for some reason, just after watching a Youtube video a few weeks ago, I thought…I’d really like to see Zig Ziglar in a live setting before either of us leaves this world.

    You know God pays attention to those little requests that come from the heart…lo and behold, without me planning it, my boss gives me a ticket to the Get Motivated seminar!

    Your father was the #1 person I wanted to see. I could tell that indeed, it was and is a TRUE honor and privilege for you to be with your father on stage.

    I just heard some of your videos and some of your testimony and I could identify with parts of it because I was a preacher’s kid (I too liked smoking the first time I tried it). My father passed away in 2007 and I never had the privilege of introducing my father as a minister of the Gospel. It’s not until all is lost that you realize what you had.

    Part of me wondered why your father is still traveling and why he was on stage yesterday when he could be doing anything else other than “working.”

    Another part of me is just thankful he is still going strong. He inspired me yesterday. He was there yesterday because he still has so much to give.

    What a blessing, what a testimony, what a life!

    Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

    God Bless you, your parents and your family!

    A brother in Christ,

    And no, I can’t wait to get started reading Zig Ziglar’s books!

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